The founder,

Priscilla lee 

Priscilla Lee is the founder of Silk Road Yachts Ltd. Priscilla Lee was born in 1988. She runs this enterprise as entrepreneur in residence for her family business Chanway Shatin New Town Development Ltd, a first generation property developer in Hong Kong and founding member of the New Territories of the S.A.R.


Priscilla's founding branch Silk Road Yachts is its own brand of top class luxury and utility vessels made in China. Silk Road Yachts Design Lab is a design consultation service for costal assets. Our company is part of the entire ecosystem of innovation and design in Marine Commerce. 


She is a lifetime member of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC), The CGCC Young Executives Committee, The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Hong Kong Province Youth Association as an Independent Member in Commerce, The Institute of Directors in Pall Mall London. For leisure, she is a member of The Royal Thames Yacht Club in London, the oldest continuously operating yacht club in the world as well as being the oldest royal yacht club, The CHINA-HK Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA)  where she also serves on the committee board for International Public Relations. You can follow her golf training diary as a player, with Golf Vacations Hong Kong Magazine. 


She is a Doctorate researcher at the International University of Monaco for Business Administrations (DBA). She is developing course materials for Silk Road Yachts Private Design Centre located in Hainan, China. The academic year is January 2021.


After over 10 years of experience under apprenticeship as Deputy General Manager for her grandfather's property development & investments enterprise in Hong Kong, she is expanding the company into shipbuilding and design consulting. 

She is in charge of a development project's design creative direction and lifestyle concept construction - she organises the life that will take place inside the space.

Her clients are property developers with lifestyle or cultural heritage development projects.

Her clients for custom build vessels are people and companies who value intelligent design and have desire or need to own a boat. In both her utility and pleasure vessels, the DNA of form as well as function remains consistent. 


The Co-Founder,

yilin huang 

Yilin Huang is the Co-Founder of Silk Road Yachts Ltd. The company was founded by both the entrepreneur and the designer with the common goal of building a beautiful future for the marine sector in China and beyond.